Divorce Coaching


Going through a divorce can be a very difficult and emotional process.  People have compared coping with a divorce to coping with the death of a loved one.  Layer those feelings on to the court process, and it can be overwhelming–to say the least.

If you are struggling emotionally with your divorce, you may find it difficult to sit in meetings with your attorney and be an advocate for yourself.    Being emotionally present and available to participate in your divorce, no matter what process you choose, is important.

Divorce Coaching is a brief treatment model that can be scheduled at intervals throughout the divorce process.  As a Mediator, I have a thorough understanding of the steps associated with a divorce and the different ways to approach the process.  As a social worker, I can help you emotionally prepare for each step. Divorce coaching combines these two skills sets to help you throughout your divorce.

As a Divorce Coach, I support you through the “emotional work” of the divorce process and help you prepare to be the best advocate you can be for yourself in the legal process.  This coaching can save you time and money, as you and your attorney can stay focused on the legal aspects of your case during your meetings together.