COVID-19: The world has changed and is changing every day.  We all continue adjusting to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our world as safe as possible.  For now I am no longer holding in-person meetings and continue to use Zoom for video conferencing that I find a good “second-best” option to meeting together.  If you would like to begin mediation and are curious about getting started in todays world please feel free to call or send me an email (314-300-9873 or  Stay safe and be well.

Mediation is an efficient and cost effective process designed to help individuals move through completing the entire process of divorce or part of the divorce. Mediation is designed to minimize conflict and can be used to complete a divorce in a fraction of the time that would normally be spent in litigation.   Each party retains control and an agreement is reached only when both parties find the terms are acceptable.

Mediation is:




Mediators are neutral professionals. Their role is to help individuals clearly define issues, keep lines of communication open and promote discussion and resolution. Mediators do not make decisions for a couple.  Rather the couple is in charge of making their own decisions about what the future, children’s future and finances.

Some of the issues that mediation addresses are: plans for parenting children, division of property and future financial provisions. Mediation can be done both pre and post divorce decree.

It is possible to come to resolution of conflict in the face of anger, resentment and fear.