Mandatory Mediation St Louis County

St. Louis County has recently adopted a “Rule” that all couples getting divorced will be required to go to at least 2 hours of mediation.

This mediation can focus on parenting issues or financial issues.

Mediators must be on the “Family Court of St. Louis County Court Approved Mediator List”.

I am a St. Louis County Court Approved Mediator and happy to support you in mediation.

Here are some thoughts to help you prepare for mediation:

  1. Plan to be future-focused. Mediation is focused on the future and preparing for change moving forward.
  2. Think about your Interests: Interests are the “Why” behind the “Want”. If something is important to you there is a reason. Think through your reasons for wanting these important things.
  3. Know your spouses / co-parents perspective. You do not have to agree with the other person, but knowing what is important for them can be truly helpful in mediation.
  4. Are there items you think you and your spouse could have successful discussions about with the support of a mediator?
  5. Talk with your lawyer, if you are working with one, to think about items that may be the most productive to add to the agenda in mediation.
    • What are your needs and interests?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your case?
    • Discuss and establish a “bargaining range”.